SAP Customer 

Unfortunately, no. Development of the new versions of PowerBuilder and InfoMaker are not financed by SAP. However, our new subscription pricing is on par with what customers have been paying historically as maintenance fees. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support to make PowerBuilder the fastest and best way to build business apps!

SAP has discontinued mainstream maintenance of PowerBuilder and InfoMaker on June 30, 2018. We recommend you to upgrade your PowerBuilder/InfoMaker subscriptions to the latest PowerBuilder/InfoMaker version to get all the new features that we've planned for you. 


 An Appeon software subscription includes the following:

No, taxes are not included in the listed prices and will be your responsibility to pay.  If Appeon is required by law to collect and remit any taxes then you may see taxes applied when you complete your purchase.

10% volume discounts will be automatically applied if you purchase 10 or more subscriptions of the same product. 

Yes and no. It depends on the project types your developers are working on. If everybody is working on the same project type the same subscription level will be required for all developers so they have access to necessary features. For example, if the entire team is working on Installable Cloud Apps then the PowerBuilder CloudPro would be required for the entire team.

No, our plans are all “grandfathered” – meaning you can renew a particular subscription that has not yet expired at the same price you previously paid.  However, any additional developer seats that you may need in the future will be at the then-current price.

Only PowerServer has a runtime cost (i.e. you have purchased PowerBuilder CloudPro and want to deploy as an Installable Cloud App). Please refer to the PowerServer pricing page for information.

All other Appeon products do not have any runtime costs, and your cost is essentially a development cost that is usually based on the # of named developers. Most Appeon products are non-perpetual licenses, so there is an annual fee each year your developers work with such Appeon products.

It will depend on what you are distributing to your customers. If you are deploying a 2-tier or REST API-enabled PowerBuilder client/server app (i.e. no PowerServer) and what you are distributing to your customers is the app itself (not the IDE) then there are no distribution costs.

If you plan to develop Installable Cloud Apps with PowerServer then a production license of PowerServer will be required. You can find PowerServer production license pricing information here. Please contact our sales dept. so we can discuss OEM partner pricing and terms.


You can now generate a price quotation by yourself on the Appeon website at any time you please or contact the sales dept. with your quote number so our team can assist you.